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Elizabeth Ellsworth + Jamie Kruse


Zuihitsu: Chapter Bridges

Zuihitsu 3


Approx. 1945 A.D. - Present
A Geologic Epoch with No Precise Start Date.
Significant Human Impact on Climate and Ecosystems. Coined by Paul Crutzen. Rise of Agriculture, Deforestation, Cement, Combustion of Fossil Fuels. Coal, Oil and Gas roused from the earth. Extractions and emissions. Operation Crossroads vaporizes Bikini Atoll. Deep Geologic repositories. Pacific Trash Vortex, A swirling gyre of marine litter and plastic. 6.7 billion humans+. Palo Verde Nuclear power plant. Three Gorges Dam. Fresh Kills Landfill. Las Vegas, Dubai.
from Geologic Time Viewer, smudge studio, 2010-12.